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...You really have the gift of a gifted clairvoyant! Loraine K, Sedona
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About Terri Sides, RN

Registered Nurse, Animal Communicator and Clairvoyant…

Raised in Michigan, the oldest of three daughters, I come from a family of animal lovers.  My involvement with the many animals in my life has opened me to freedom, acceptance and unconditional love.  Early on, I began seeking my answers to the mystery and paradox of Life. Travelling the world gave me a wide vantage point and allowed me to experience life through different eyes. Being a Registered Nurse since 1982

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My Services

YES, I help pets and people too!

As an Animal Communicator, Clairvoyant and a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, I am aware that there is much more to life than what we see and experience through our five senses. I can assist you with talking to your pet and help clear any issues you are experiencing with them.

I can also help you gain clarity for your life and the choices you make. My clients tell me that they experience a deep level of healing after their sessions with me. I invite you to read through the

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Terri has been providing exceptional results for both her people and animal clients for over 13 years. As you’ll see when reading her testimonials, Terri’s efforts have been well appreciated with comments like, “You really have the gift of a gifted clairvoyant!”, and, “…(Terri) literally seems to communicate with each animal’s psyche and knows how to translate what she gets into useful information and helpful advice…”. Read on to get a sense of how Terri can help you, whether you need help for your pet or person issues.

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