Animal communication for facing challenges.

Animal communication for facing challenges.

Animal communication on any level does help you face challenges – both Great Dane sized to mini teacup kitten sized.

Well, I don’t know about you but the current political and social upheavals feel like a tsunami rolled over the top of me!  Additionally, in August I moved from Colorado to Oregon.  Phwew!  When I talk with friends, family or listen to the media, I sense so much frustration, uncertainty and apprehension over the future and what it means for all of us.  No matter what you believe or where you stand – the turmoil is exhausting.  Even if you try to avoid the media, all the negative energy is floating around in the air and our mental consciousness.

Our saving grace can be our beloved animal companions.  The heart connection you can experience with them is healing and powerful.  And for me has felt very necessary since this relocation has been very stressful, lonely and quite a challenge.  The struggle to keep my furry family together has been draining – both physically and financially.  The most dramatic impact was Corazon, my horse moving from 12 acres into a boarding stable.  But we all make our choices in life and decide to carry onward and upward.  Or is that backward?!   And we certainly all make mistakes but our beloved pets are very forgiving.  They see our heart and our positive intentions even when we lose that connection to our Self/self.

This is why I share the message of animal communication where ever I go and who ever I met.  Some people roll their eyes but many people sense the possibilities awaiting them within their beloved pets.  Animal exist on a level of unconditional love that we humans rarely experience.  They offer it freely to you.  It goes much deeper than just being happy to see you.  The pets in your life want you to open to love, love and more love.  They have so much to teach you about staying present in the moment, forgiveness, love, playtime and taking better care of yourself.  This is an opportunity for enhancing the life you desire to live and an experience not to be missed.  Besides, how can you resist those soulful eyes?

Come join us!  Your pets are waiting.

Coming soon:  The 3P Method – Pets: Partners on Purpose.  

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  1. Betty Ann Honeycutt

    Thanks for your message. Sending you love from Pepper, Suzy, Roddy, Domino (the cat) and me. Roddy/Roudy has blessed my life so much. It’s amazing how many of the same traits and characteristics that Roudy had that show in Roddy. I do believe his little soul has been reincarnated to come and bless my life again. Thank you for your wonderful work with animals.

    1. Terri Sides

      Hello Betty and the crew!
      I am honored to have been able to help you make such deep connections with your pets. And I know that Roudy came back so you could find him. Great news that Roddy is doing so well.

    1. Terri Sides

      Aloha Janet! I’m glad you enjoyed the message from the animals. They teach us so much about ourselves!

  2. Sharon

    Terri, your work with my animals has been amazing. My 5 dogs now live happily together as pack. My cats have quit peeing my house. And, most recently, my lovely Lily was told by the veterinarians that she should have knee surgery, which does not seem the best choice for her life. Thank you for your guidance and support. Although we are all doing well now, I am sure that we will be talking with you again soon.

    1. Terri Sides

      Oh my dear Sharon, you have the most amazing menagerie I know of! Traffic control at your place must be incredible to watch. Bless you for sharing your home and HEART with so many rescued pets!

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