Breaking your own rules and snuggling!

Breaking your own rules and snuggling!

I stopped writing posts for a much needed break…..but I am back and willing to share my observations on life, pets, healing and balance.  As always, what I hope to accomplish here is bringing hope, inspiration and healing to the lives of my friends and fans.  And your beloved animal companions!

I have a friend who posts gorgeous DAWN-rising shots nearly everyday on Facebook.  Ok, that’s like 5:30 or 6 am.  So my mind starts in on “you are so lazy, successful people get out of bed and start their day at 5:30 AM, sunrise is the best time to meditate, why don’t you do that?”  On and on, I beat myself up over this issue.  All the while feeling guilty because I am not a morning person and remain unwilling to cheerfully arise before the sun comes up.

Instead of continuing to listen to this negative voice in my head – I stopped.  And realized that snuggling with my beloved cats in the early morning is so JOYFUL and healing for ME!  I decided to take a selfie here – you can see the joy on my face.  Hmm, I am breaking yet another rule imposed by other people.

What rule do you follow that doesn’t serve you?  As you can see by my example, it does not have to be a big rule.  Just something that needs adjusting in your life.

What are you willing to change?  Today?  Right now!?

Be brave and do it now!

And please COMMENT below to share it with me.  I love hearing from you all.


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