Frequently Asked Questions:  You may find this helpful or contact me directly.

1. How does Animal Communication work?

The work that I do requires a very quiet relaxed state of mind.  I meditate before the session in order to achieve this level of calmness so I can focus on the animal in order to receive the visual pictures and emotional feelings when I connect with them.  I believe that our pets communicate all the time with us.  Most times owners will tell me that they know what their pet is thinking by the way they act.  I completely agree!  However my intuitive communication with your pet takes place on a different level.  Since most of my work takes place over the telephone, I don’t see the pets behavior or their way of moving.  

2.  What types of animals do you work with?

In my 15 years of doing Animal Communication sessions, I have worked with dogs, cats, horses, llamas, rats, ferrets, exotic birds, goats, turtles and other reptiles.  Generally, if it lives with you – I can communicate with it!

3.  What kind of problems do you help with pets? 

I have had sessions with animals about every issue you can think of.  These include: inappropriate potty habits, barking, scratching, biting, chewing, fear and anxiety, grooming, hunting, assisting with a Therapy Animal test or other types of competition.  Spooky or resistant horses, changes in the household including people or other pets.  And of course, medical and health issues.  End of life, grief and loss are also very common questions.  As a Nurse, I find it very natural to scan their body and feel what the animal is telling me.  However, I am not able to diagnose illness.  That requires a visit with your veterinarian.   

4.  Do you locate lost pets?

 No.   I find it very upsetting when an animal is lost and my emotions get in the way of a clear communication.  There are other pet psychics/animal communicators that do that work. 

5.  Do you connect with pets that have died?

Yes, I find that many people need to allow themselves to grieve the death of a beloved pet.  In my life – animals are not “just” a pet…..they are part of the family.  Both adults and children frequently want to honor their favorite pet in some way that is meaningful to them. 

6.  I just want to know how my pet feels and if they are happy.  Can you still talk with them?

Of course!  I love those sessions because the owners and pets are so relaxed.  I always appreciate getting a deeper connection with my own pets.  There does not have to be a problem present. 

7.  Do I have to be with my pet during the session?

No, that is not required and sometimes circumstances do not allow that.  Though most owners are able to be present, your pet does not have to be restrained at all.  Frequently they will choose to hang out with you during our phone session.    

8.  How long is a session?

Generally an hour for a first time client and their pet.  It also depends upon how many pets are requested for the session.  If there are more than 4, you will need to schedule another session for the remaining pets.  Or you can choose to communicate with just one pet. 

9.  How do I pay for the session?

Prepaid by cash, check or PayPal.