Lessons in forgiveness via doggie

Lessons in forgiveness via doggie
I don’t know about you but I learn so much about myself from the animal companions who share my life.
The new doggie, Sophie – pictured above, is teaching me so much about forgiveness and how to extend that in all circumstances with grace and compassion.  Well ok, at 7 months old she is more goofy than graceful.  haha!
And forgiveness is not just about her behaviors or accidents.  But watching her learn how to navigate living with a human is teaching me about how to live life, make mistakes and keep on moving with joy and curiosity.
How many times do you repeat a behavior and chastise yourself with “I should know better!”  Our inner critical voice never misses an opportunity to berate us with negative messages.  We can become so inundated with the negativity that we STOP trying to change or improve!
Forgiveness has a bad reputation at times – people think about it as ignoring, making allowances for or not holdng people accountable for past actions.  The truth as I see it is forgiveness removes the blame, guilt and anger we experience over incidents in the past bacause it puts us in a space of compassion.
When we open our hearts to the vibration of love and oneness – there is a shift that happens in our energy and patterns of behavior and thoughts.  We become teachable.  And I believe forgiveness is an integral part of that process.
Being teachable in life makes all the difference!  We stop needing to be right all the time.  We are able to embrace changes.  You can begin in very small steps.
What do you need to forgive today?  The past?  Another person?  Yourself?
Sit for a few moments, deep breathe and ask this question with curiosity.
What feelings come up?  Where in your body do they reside?  Is there a message or visual present?
Be willing to explore this avenue of healing.  Write down your experience.  Continue to deeo breathe and imagine the energy blockage melting.
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  1. Sharon

    Bravo, Terri. What a lesson to learn.

    Congratulations on your beautiful, new puppy!! Hope each day with her is the sweetest.

    1. Terri Sides

      Thanks so much Sharon! Animals teach us many lessons but one of the best is Forgiveness. And yes, Sophie is a joy and delight added to my menagerie 🙂

  2. Deb

    Thank you Terri for reminding us. Forgiving is not always easy as we seem to wrapped up in the original hurt.

    1. Terri Sides

      Yes! That is why the challenge can be mirrored for us by our beloved animal companions. They seem to move on much easier than us.

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