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  • Are you tired of your animals not getting along?
  • Are you frustrated by your pet’s naughty behavior and you don’t know how to stop it?
  • Do you wish you knew if your pet was suffering?
  • Are you overwhelmed by grief because your pet has died?
  • Do you feel guilty because you don’t give your pets as much time or attention as you feel you should?


  • Not feeling your gut clench when you arrive at home because you’re not sure what mess you may find.
  • Less stress because you and your pet are working together to solve a problem.
  • Feeling more peace of mind and having more peace in your home.
  • Discovering how to help your pet with a serious illness or the dying process so you are better able to help and comfort them.
  • Feeling less overwhelmed because you have an answer to working with your pet.

These are exactly the kind of challenges I help solve for owners and their animal companions!  I am passionate about bringing people into alignment with their purpose and their animal companions to help them create a life that speaks from their hearts.

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Susan-W.“I was going away on vacation and wanted to reassure my cats, AKA the demon twins 🙂 that they would be taken care of and to make sure they wouldn’t destroy the house while I was gone. Terri was able to help with both issues. They were both little angels during that time.               – Susan W.
Mary-M“Terri taught me how I could communicate with my dog and it has been such fun. Summer expresses her feelings and desires more often, I thought we were close before but it was nothing like it is now!    Mary M




  • Feeling pressure to find your special “LIFE PURPOSE” but having no idea what that even means for you?
  • Creating “sick days” just to get relief from all the stress?
  • Suffering from a serious or chronic illness and not finding an answer to your questions?
  • Struggling to effectively negotiate boundaries with the people in your life?
  • Working in a job or career that you dislike or even hate?


  • Wellness and health that honors your body, mind and spirit?
  • A clearer understanding of why or how your body developed dis-ease?
  • Being able to forgive yourself and be in love with who you discover inside?
  • Feeling a stronger sense of control and purpose so you create a fulfilling life from your heart?
  • Learning to nurture yourself and feel good about it, so you heal more effectively?
  • To stop living your life limited by fear and doubt and move forward with what you love to do?

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Aileen-J.-CMT“Terri has a great gift that helps her to move past the emotional and mental roadblocks we create for ourselves. She is able to get straight to the heart of what is going on with us. Her readings are clear, straightforward and equally informative.” — Aileen J. CMT
Dr.-Doug-G“Terri Sides is by far the most “clear” clairvoyant/psychic that I have ever consulted.  I have sent many clients from my personal practice to Terri and have only heard wonderful praise from every one of them. She has my highest recommendation.”  — Dr. Doug G.


Terri and Corazon 043

1. Animal Communication session – a private session with Terri consists of a communication directly with your pet.  Terri will use a photo of your pet and will be on the phone OR Skype with you during the session.  She prefers to connect with the animal first and then bring you into the conversation to ask your questions.  You will want a pad of paper to take notes!  PRICE: $120 includes up to 2 pets. 

2. Intuitive Consultation for people – A private session with Terri will bring hope and healing to the challenges in your life!  By phone or Skype.  PRICE: $150 for an hour.  BUY NOW!

Terri does offer discount packages for multiple sessions for your pets or yourself.  Please contact her directly for information.


  1. Coping with death or end of life issues of a beloved animal companion – video presentation and written guide.

I hear these comments nearly every day as an Animal Communicator.

  • “My beloved pet died and I cannot stop crying.
  • My pet died and I feel horrible guilt about the decisions I made at the time.
  • My pet is seriously ill and I do not know what to do for them?
  • How do I know if they are suffering?”

I created this program because of the overwhelming grief many people experience when a beloved animal companion dies or a serious illness.  We all need support when this happens!

Our beloved animal companions are the rare source of completely UNCONDITIONAL love in our lives.  When they die – it is a devastating loss.  As a former hospice nurse, I bring a wealth of hope, healing and experience in this video program.


  • Discover how to help your pet so you are better able to support and comfort them.
  • Allow yourself to grieve the death of a pet so you are able to honor your life together.
  • Stop feeling guilty over the decisions you made at the time.
  • I will also guide you to create a memorial to celebrate the life of your pet.

We live in a culture that minimizes and fears death.  The death of a pet is sometimes discounted as “it’s only an animal.”  But there is current research showing that the death of a beloved pet is frequently more difficult than the death of a person.

Are you ready to begin your healing process and celebrate their life with you?  Gain INSTANT ACCESS!  PRICE: $49, includes video presentation and written guide. 


  1. My pet died a long time ago – can this program still help me?

If you are still struggling with grief even after a length of time, I know this program will assist you in healing the wound that you feel from the past.

  1. What if this doesn’t work for me?

I am sure this will bring a sense of peace and hope if you watch the video, read the guide and take some time to do the program.  As with all my work, I offer a 7 day, 100% money back guarantee.

  1. I feel guilty about the decisions I made at the time – how will this help me?

When our beloved pets are facing end of life, we have many decisions to make.  Sometimes the choices are not optimal but the decision must be faced.  This program will help you understand how much your pet loved you and it will bring you peace about their death.

  1. I do not have their body or ashes – what do I do now?

This program will lead you through the steps of creating a memorial to honor your pet and celebrate your life together.

  1. What if I still need questions answered about my animal companion’s illness and death?

I am available for a private session where we can explore your pet’s feelings and perspective.  That way you can get your concerns addressed and understand what they need.

Make the decision to heal your grief now.

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2. Meet your Animal Guardian – audio guided visualization and guidebook.

Discover your guardian animal who will connect in your daily life for spiritual support! 

Do you:

  • Feel doubt about the choices you make?
  • Feel frustrated with not understanding why you repeat negative patterns?
  • Feel conflict in your interactions with some people?
  • Yearn for more love, peace and understanding in your life?

Discovering your animal guardian allows you to explore your life with a powerful ally, guide and protector.  It is like a Guardian Angel that takes animal form.  This program will not only guide you as you connect with your animal guardian, but empower you to reconnect with your authentic self. You will learn how to:

  • Stop feeling out of control and run by your fears.
  • Nurture yourself AND feel good about it.
  • Develop a closer connection to the cycles of nature.

We all have the ability to be ‘in tune’ with our natural world, but our advances in technology have distanced us. The knowledge, beliefs and ancient practices shared in this course are found among all native cultures worldwide.  Discovering and connecting with your animal guardian will allow you to gain the spiritual support you desire and reclaim a deeper understanding of who YOU are!

If you are ready to discover your Animal Guardian without delay – gain INSTANT ACCESS NOW.

What’s included in this package Regular Price $49 for $17:

  • A guided visualization audio with Terri leading the way – lifetime access!
  • A guidebook that has numerous examples and stories of animal guardians, connection with nature and the awareness that will develop for you.

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What my students say:

“The class was great! Terri explained and then guided us through the process of getting into a meditative state to communicate with animals. She had explained how animals will share their messages.” Laryssa – Phoenix, AZ
“I still get tears in my eyes when I relive the moment of meeting my power animal for the first time. I not only found the lost part of myself but I found my best friend who will always be with me and has been with me for many lifetimes.”  – Lori G, Colorado

When you follow this powerful healing program – you gain access to ancient wisdom where animals, plants, insects and even mythical creatures are considered teachers and allies.


FAQ’s regarding this program:

  1. What if this doesn’t work for me?
  • I am so sure this program will work if you follow the steps and take the time needed to listen and read through the guide, that I give a 7 day 100% money back guarantee.
  1. What if I already have an Animal Guardian?
  • That is fabulous! When was the last time you truly connected with their guidance and power?  This program will give you the ability to tap into the visualization at any time to maintain that connection.  And most importantly, learn the lessons they are trying to bring to your attention and teach you!
  1. What if I cannot see anything when listening to the audio?
  • This is a very common concern. And the secret is – you do not need to visually see anything!  If I ask you to imagine a long stemmed rose – you know exactly what I am talking about even if you cannot actually see it visually.
  1. How much time will all this take?
  • Listening to the audio and reading the guide will take less than an hour. After that, you can return to the audio over and over until your imagination takes over.

If you are ready to meet your newest ally, guide and teacher – gain INSTANT ACCESS NOW.



3. Stop getting knocked off your Center! – audio program and guidebook. 

This audio and guide for Grounding Cord and Cosmic Sun Re-Energization will keep you on your feet. 

  • Overwhelmed with all the demands of your day?
  • Frustrated with losing your focus all the time?
  • Are you tired of carrying around other people’s pain?

Are you ready to LET GO and move into your highest potential?

Humans are like sponges for energy.  Positive or negative – we absorb it!  Get this tool TODAY and keep your mental/physical and emotional energy centers clear.  This is the key to connecting to the present moment, increasing your mindfulness and being open to love and compassion for yourself and others.

  • Imagine living your life as a human “being” rather than a human “doing”!
  • Deeply connect to yourself on a body, mind and spirit level – so you can live from your heart.
  • Eliminate feelings of guilt so you can relax and stop fighting yourself.

This is STEP ONE for developing your ability to communicate with animals and learn the technique of reconnection to yourself.     People ask me all the time “How do I learn how to communicate with the animals like you do”?   This is the answer to get started!  Animals are always present in the moment.  And we struggle to communicate if we are too scattered and unfocused.  This meditation will help you make those connections with your pets.

I created this program in order to help you move past these challenges and step into your bigger life!

For $49 – this program includes a step by step guided visualization audio with Terri

And a written guide with examples and lots of options for your imagination to take ahold of.

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What my students say:

“There is not a day that goes by where I’m not reminded of the magic and growth that came about in those classes. It didn’t end there, I continue to grow and learn every day. Terri I can’t thank you enough for being true to your calling and being there for us.” – Lori, CO
“The class with Terri Sides taught me so much about keeping a peaceful quiet mind.  I also got a completely different perspective on how we communicate through energy!  I really enjoyed the class.  It can change your life!”  – Trisha K.

FAQ’s regarding this program:

  1. What if this program doesn’t work for me?

I am so sure this program will work for you IF you spend the time listening and practicing as instructed – that I offer a 7 day – 100% money back guarantee.

  1. I have tried but I just can’t meditate. How will this help me?

First of all, letting go of the past attempts and unrealistic expectations is important to your success.  Terri will lead you step by step along this process.  She makes it fun and easy!  And we do not have to be contemplating our navel while in a cave in complete silence.

  1. How much time will all this take?

Listening to the audio and reading the guide will take less than an hour.  After that, you can return to the audio over and over as you develop your practice.

  1. Do I have to be sitting still to practice this?

No, absolutely not!  The gift of this technique is using it during your daily life activity.  I use it while driving my car – imagining a giant slinky toy connecting me to the very center of the planet.  🙂  Of course, I have practiced for a long time and I do not close my eyes while driving!

If you are ready to gain clarity and balance in your life – gain INSTANT ACCESS NOW!

Depositphotos_34385841_original4. VIP PACKAGE – includes private session with Terri

Are you ready to take YOUR life  to the next level?  

Do you desire a better relationship with your animal companions?

Imagine working together with your pet to gain solutions and peace of mind again!

A private session with Terri will take you there! Plus you can ask specific questions about using the programs she created.

As always, Terri does not want to know any information ahead of time.  Just book an appointment – or if you are unsure, register for a FREE brief chat to find out ways Terri can help you.

Together we can dive deeper into answering questions, gaining clarity and making decisions to move forward – this can be focused on yourself or an animal companion.


  • Stop getting knocked off your center! – guided audio visualization and written guide.
  • Meet your Animal Guardian – guided audio visualization and written guide.
  • Coping with death of a beloved pet – video presentation and written guide.

PRICE: $225 for 2 programs (your choice) AND a private session with Terri.