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  • Are you tired of your animals not getting along?
  • Are you frustrated by your pet’s naughty behavior and you don’t know how to stop it?
  • Do you wish you knew if your pet was suffering?
  • Are you overwhelmed by grief because your pet has died?
  • Do you feel guilty because you don’t give your pets as much time or attention as you feel you should?


  • Not feeling your gut clench when you arrive at home because you’re not sure what mess you may find.
  • Less stress because you and your pet are working together to solve a problem.
  • Feeling more peace of mind and having more peace in your home.
  • Discovering how to help your pet with a serious illness or the dying process so you are better able to help and comfort them.
  • Feeling less overwhelmed because you have an answer to working with your pet.

These are exactly the kind of challenges I help solve for owners and their animal companions! I am passionate about bringing people into alignment with their purpose and their animal companions to help them create a life that speaks from their hearts.


PRICE: $120, includes up to 2 animals.

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