Meditation: Coping with death of a beloved pet

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Coping with death or end of life issues of a beloved animal companion – video presentation and written guide.

I hear these comments nearly every day as an Animal Communicator.

  • “My beloved pet died and I cannot stop crying.
  • My pet died and I feel horrible guilt about the decisions I made at the time.
  • My pet is seriously ill and I do not know what to do for them?
  • How do I know if they are suffering?”

I created this program because of the overwhelming grief many people experience when a beloved animal companion dies or a serious illness.  We all need support when this happens!

Our beloved animal companions are the rare source of completely UNCONDITIONAL love in our lives.  When they die – it is a devastating loss.  As a former hospice nurse, I bring a wealth of hope, healing and experience in this video program.


  • Discover how to help your pet so you are better able to support and comfort them.
  • Allow yourself to grieve the death of a pet so you are able to honor your life together.
  • Stop feeling guilty over the decisions you made at the time.
  • I will also guide you to create a memorial to celebrate the life of your pet.

We live in a culture that minimizes and fears death.  The death of a pet is sometimes discounted as “it’s only an animal.”  But there is current research showing that the death of a beloved pet is frequently more difficult than the death of a person.

Are you ready to begin your healing process and celebrate their life with you?  Gain INSTANT ACCESS!  PRICE: $19, includes video presentation and written guide. 


  1. My pet died a long time ago – can this program still help me?

If you are still struggling with grief even after a length of time, I know this program will assist you in healing the wound that you feel from the past.

  1. What if this doesn’t work for me?

I am sure this will bring a sense of peace and hope if you watch the video, read the guide and take some time to do the program.  As with all my work, I offer a 7 day, 7900% money back guarantee.

  1. I feel guilty about the decisions I made at the time – how will this help me?

When our beloved pets are facing end of life, we have many decisions to make.  Sometimes the choices are not optimal but the decision must be faced.  This program will help you understand how much your pet loved you and it will bring you peace about their death.

  1. I do not have their body or ashes – what do I do now?

This program will lead you through the steps of creating a memorial to honor your pet and celebrate your life together.

  1. What if I still need questions answered about my animal companion’s illness and death?

I am available for a private session where we can explore your pet’s feelings and perspective.  That way you can get your concerns addressed and understand what they need.

Make the decision to heal your grief now.  Gain INSTANT ACCESS!

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