INTUITIVE CONSULT session with Terri

$ 150.00


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  • Feeling pressure to find your special “LIFE PURPOSE” but having no idea what that even means for you?
  • Creating “sick days” just to get relief from all the stress?
  • Suffering from a serious or chronic illness and not finding an answer to your questions?
  • Struggling to effectively negotiate boundaries with the people in your life?
  • Working in a job or career that you dislike or even hate?


  • Wellness and health that honors your body, mind and spirit?
  • A clearer understanding of why or how your body developed dis-ease?
  • Being able to forgive yourself and be in love with who you discover inside?
  • Feeling a stronger sense of control and purpose so you create a fulfilling life from your heart?
  • Learning to nurture yourself and feel good about it, so you heal more effectively?
  • To stop living your life limited by fear and doubt and move forward with what you love to do?

I bring hope and healing to people in order to deepen their connection within themselves to their authentic life!  

PRICE: $150 for an hour session.  

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