Discover your Animal Guardian – guided imagery

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Product Description

Discover your Animal Guardian – audio guided visualization and guidebook.

Do you:

  • Feel doubt about the choices you make?
  • Feel frustrated with not understanding why you repeat negative patterns?
  • Feel conflict in your interactions with some people?
  • Yearn for more love, peace and understanding in your life?

Discovering your animal guardian allows you to explore your life with a powerful ally, guide and protector.  It is like a Guardian Angel that takes animal form.  This program will not only guide you as you connect with your animal guardian, but empower you to reconnect with your authentic self. You will learn how to:

  • Stop feeling out of control and run by your fears.
  • Nurture yourself AND feel good about it.
  • Develop a closer connection to the cycles of nature.

We all have the ability to be ‘in tune’ with our natural world, but our advances in technology have distanced us. The knowledge, beliefs and ancient practices shared in this course are found among all native cultures worldwide.  Discovering and connecting with your animal guardian will allow you to gain the spiritual support you desire and reclaim a deeper understanding of who YOU are!

If you are ready to discover your Animal Guardian without delay – gain INSTANT ACCESS NOW.

What’s included in this $19 package:

  • A guided audio visualization with Terri leading the way – lifetime access!
  • A guidebook that has numerous examples and stories of animal guardians, connections with nature and the awareness that will develop for you.

What my students say:

“The class was great! Terri explained and then guided us through the process of getting into a meditative state to communicate with animals. She had explained how animals will share their messages.” Laryssa – Phoenix, AZ

When you follow this powerful healing program – you gain access to ancient wisdom where animals, plants, insects and even mythical creatures are considered teachers and allies.


FAQ’s regarding this program:

1. What if this doesn’t work for me?

I am so sure this program will work if you follow the steps and take the time needed to listen and read through the guide, that I give a 7 day 100% money back guarantee.

2. What if I already have an Animal Guardian?

That is fabulous! When was the last time you truly connected with their guidance and power?  This program will give you the ability to tap into the visualization at any time to maintain that connection.  And most importantly, learn the lessons they are trying to bring to your attention and teach you!

3.  What if I cannot see anything when listening to the audio?

This is a very common concern. And the secret is – you do not need to visually see anything!  If I ask you to imagine a long stemmed rose you know exactly what I am talking about even if you cannot actually see it visually.

4.  How much time will all this take?

Listening to the audio and reading the guide will take less than an hour. After that, you can return to the audio over and over until your imagination takes over.

If you are ready to meet your newest ally, guide and teacher – gain INSTANT ACCESS NOW.

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