Grounding Cord – Secret to staying present and centered! – Guided Visualization

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One of the powerful tools in my saddle bag is the Grounding Cord.  This is an energetic image connection from the base of the spine to the very center of the Earth.  So why do you need one or care about it?  Well…

  1. Do you have low energy after attending a meeting?
  2. Or do you feel stressed before, during or after conversations with certain people?
  3. Does falling asleep at night elude you?
  4. Do you find yourself spacey during your day?

Imagine having a tool to use during your day activities that can reset and refill your energy at any time.  Just connecting with your breath can open this doorway.  Then this package will teach you easy tools so you can stay centered, present in the moment and keep other people’s energy out of your space!  This is also STEP ONE to learn how to communicate with the animals.  Unless you are mindful, present and grounded – the animals will struggle to reach you inside your own mental static.

Includes Audio meditation and PDF Guide.

Stop getting knocked off your feet!

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