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Animal Guardians desire the best for us!  Would you like to really dive in deeper now?
I am offering a special VIP upgrade in order to connect with your Animal Guardian during a private session with me.
We will be able to explore the messages, lessons and personal power to be gained with this spiritual ally at your side.  Just as my teacher guided me on personal journeys, I will take you on a guided meditation to explore further the why and what your personal Animal Guardian wants to be sure you understand.
·         Private session with me guiding you on a journey with your Animal Guardian. ($200 value)
·         You will have time to ask specific questions and get answers you need. (priceless)
·         FREE BONUS – Grounding Cord audio program with guidebook. ($49 value)
This package is designed to create space for you to get clearer understanding of what your Animal Guardian wants to teach you and how to interact with them during your day to day life.
The added bonus Grounding Cord program will teach you specific tools to stay grounded and centered while going through your day.  Not just when you are practicing meditation, or trying to meditate!

One of the powerful tools in my saddle bag is the Grounding Cord.  This is an energetic image connection from the base of the spine to the very center of the Earth.  So why do you need one or care about it?  Well…

  1. Do you have low energy after attending a meeting?
  2. Or do you feel stressed before, during or after conversations with certain people?
  3. Does falling asleep at night elude you?
  4. Do you find yourself spacey during your day?

Imagine having a tool to use during your day activities that can reset and refill your energy at any time.  Just connecting with your breath can open this doorway.  Then this package will teach you easy tools so you can stay centered, present in the moment and keep other people’s energy out of your space!

Includes Audio download of guided meditation by Terri and Guidebook.

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