Do you remember how to play and be curious?

Do you remember how to play and be curious?

“My work here is done! Now- time for a nap.”  My silly Sophie loves to eviscerate her stuffed toys. Must be exhausting work because she passes out afterward. Adorable? You bet ya!
Having a pup in my life is teaching me the lesson of just having fun, being enthusiastic and silly again. And my carpet is a muted patchwork of colorful bits of thread and material. What a joy!

So it made me start asking the question – why do we adults struggle so hard to have fun, relax and play?  We get so stuck in our to-do lists and seemingly “urgent” mundane tasks.  The phone rings, beeps and vibrates – frequently ALL at the same time!!  We have traffic to contend with, responsibilities at work, home and to nurture our important relationships.  As women we are expected to have super powers to accomplish all this AND fit in time to take care of ourselves.  Wow – what an order!

No wonder we are fatigued, stressed, overwhelmed and feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  Even our beloved animal companions can feel like just another chore to complete before we pass out in the evening.

Here are some tips to add some playfulness to your day:

a. PLAY with your pets – they love it when we make the time to relax and laugh at their antics.

b. Wear wild silly socks

c. Take 3 minutes of dancing to something from the 70’s – KC and the Sunshine band are one of my Fav’s for this.  Ok, you are allowed to close the curtains if you don’t want to shock the neighbors. haha!

d. Turn up to volume and watch one of those silly cat videos online.  Allow yourself to laugh out loud.

Let me know of what else you come up with.  Reply below this post and share your ideas.

Well, I gotta go now – it’s really quiet in the house and I am SURE that Sophie is finding something to get herself into trouble now.

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    1. Terri Sides

      I get the thread tangled…..but I love the color, textures and patterns that you can play with while sewing! Fun creative process to experiment with.

  1. Janice Mayhew

    I go for a run. And watch silly pet videos. Tell me Terri, do you beleive when you have to give a pet up for adoption they forget you ? Ive started the nursing program myself had to move to unit. Give up my precious cattle dog Bella whos been rehomed. Do pets remember former owners ? Janice

  2. Terri Sides

    Hello Janice!
    In my many communications with our pets, I do find that they remember previous owners. Some of the memories are not positive depending upon their past circumstances. Other times the memories are a quick flash of love that comes when I ask about their other life before the current owner. I do believe Bella knew your life changed in such a way that she needed to have another home. There is no blame in a situation like that. Sometimes life changes happen!
    That said, I expect that Bella has adjusted and lives in the present moment expressing all the love in her heart.
    p.s. I love watching silly animal videos too!

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