Speaker Biography – Terri Sides, RN Shamanic Intuitive and Animal Whisperer at Walkingheart, LLC

I bring hope and healing to women by helping them connect more deeply to, and better understand themselves and their animal companions.  I love assisting people opening to new possibilities with their own inner wisdom, passion and partnering with their pets.   I am able to bring my passion in speaking of the wonderful healing relationship we can have with our beloved pets!

Terri Sides has enjoyed being a shamanic intuitive and animal whisperer whose focus is bringing hope, healing and humor to the relationships we have with our animal companions and ourselves so we can create more fulfilling lives.  Terri has been working with both people and animals for more than 16 years, helping them to go deeper into their own wisdom so they can celebrate their authentic selves and their unique relationships.

Terri is available to speak on a variety of topics – see specifics below.

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  1. Animal Communication: Do you yearn for hope and healing with your pet?

  • Are you frustrated by your pet’s naughty behavior and you don’t know what to do to stop it?
  • Are you tired of your animals not getting along?
  • Is your pet afraid of everyday things like men, thunder, children, car rides?


  • Creating partnership within yourself and/or your animal companion so you can enjoy working together.
  • Feeling so proud of your pet when you see the changes they are making.
  • You will have a clear understanding of how our animals communicate with us. YOU will be able to communicate with them. Terri will have specific steps to learn this technique so you can just enjoy having a deeper relationship and having the love and support in your home from your pet.


  1. Coping with death, grief and end of life of a beloved animal companion.

    Terri Sides has a background in Hospice Nursing and brings those experiences and skills into coping with grief and death when one of our pets dies.

  • Are you struggling with grief over the death of a beloved pet?
  • Or are you dealing with end of life issues with your animal companion?
  • Do you wish you knew if your pet was suffering?


  • Being able to acknowledge your grief so you can honor your lives together.
  • Stop feeling guilty over the decisions you made in that moment.
  • Creating a memorial to your animal companion so you can celebrate them and let go.


  1. Purpose? Porpoise? Are you struggling to find your purpose or create a dream?

  • What if you could forgive yourself and fall in love with who you discover inside?
  • Find hope and healing as you move forward into the life you dream of.
  • Lighten up and Laugh!
  • Kick everyone out of your head and move into your heart.


Terri has been helping to heal people as an RN for over 30 years.   After a life changing experience with wild dolphins, she realized there were many layers of healing possible.  She spent two years training at The Center for Healing Body, Mind and Spirit and has studied with many prominent spiritual teachers.  Terri shares her experience and wisdom frequently in live speaking events and in the media.  She has been featured in the Arizona Daily Sun, Mountain Living and Grand Valley Magazines and KAFM radio in Grand Junction, CO.

What promoters say about Terri:

terri-sides-free-consult“Terri Sides is an amazing presenter. She is very knowledgeable and speaks from her heart. Terri is able to create an immediate connection with her audience.”   Joseph Rolley – Host of Vibrant Wellness Show on KAFM 88.1


“Terri Sides has been a showcase speaker for my women’s event several times and is always a hit with everyone. She is a wonderful presenter that comes across so genuine, speaks from the heart and connects with all who get to know her.  She is so passionate about what she does with animals and blessed with a true gift of communication whether it’s with you or your beloved pet.”  Terry Arnold – Financial Educator & Advisor  terryarnold1960@gmail.com


“Terri Sides spoke at one of our classes in the Crystal Bookstore and it was one of our most well attended events as she shared her heart felt stories of her clients. I would recommend Terri’s wonderful abilities to anyone and everyone because she is truly a gifted animal communicator and presenter.”  Linda H Nelson – Homeopathic practitioner.


Terri is passionate about bringing people into alignment with their purpose and their animal companions to help them create a life that speaks from their hearts.  Please contact Terri and her Healing Communications programs.

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