“Terri was instrumental in guaranteeing a smooth transition of 2 more dogs into our family. She identified what the new family members needed for their emotional, physical and mental well-being using supplements and visuals for each. This included a name change for one of the dogs and clarification of WHO would be alpha dog among the three dogs. She continues to help support the cats in the family as they reluctantly adjust to the changes. I do expect to be calling her to help mediate future disagreements between the species.”       Pat H



When issues come up with my cats, it’s a great comfort to know that I can communicate with them because I found a gifted communicator in Terri Sides. I have worked with Terri for many years now – and I am always amazed at what my cats have to share. – Laryssa, MA



Terri used and then showed me how to use visualization techniques for healing, pain relief, stress reduction and relaxation.  She gave me an incredible amount of very helpful and accurate information.   I find Terri Sides to be an extremely talented, gifted and caring person who has gone the “extra mile” for me.    — Dick R, Longview WA


After one dog bit the other – we called Terri. Her intervention changed our lives! – Sharon, AZSharon





I have had readings from world famous psychics also, but they were unable to get into my vibration to give me an accurate reading.  She gave me a very beneficial and helpful reading.  Terri really has the gift of a gifted clairvoyant!”   — Loraine K, Sedona AZ



Terri’s help with some psychotherapy clients who were stuck and she helped unlock the issues so they could progress in their healing. Then with my animals – she helped me understand what would help my dying cat; gave me a clearer perspective of my old dog’s behavior and then facilitated a solution between 2 cats who were fighting. Terri literally seems to communicate with each animal’s psyche and knows how to translate what she gets into useful information and helpful advice for me.  Her fondness for each of my creatures has been very comforting.  I have come to trust and value her messages from them.  – Dr. Caislyn W


Audra Stuart dog Shiloh


Good news…  I gave Shiloh the supplement you suggested and he really does seem happier.  Socks seems to really be trying to bond more with our family so this is great too.  Mickey stopped peeing on the beds since I started him on the flower essence you recommended and he has been using his litter box! I haven’t started the supplement back up since there hasn’t been anymore peeing but told him if he starts up again he is going back on it. – Audra S. .




After I became ill, I contacted Terri for help! She was able to find the issue without me telling her anything, then she helped me understand what was going on in my body and spirit. Her insights and solutions were so helpful. Terri has integrity, humor and spirituality along with being down to earth. I highly recommend her work! – Susan W.



Linda and Guido Schulte dog BuddyI just have to tell you how much better Buddy is!!!  It seems since we all had our ‘talk’ that we are communicating so much better.  I know he knows we know a lot more about him and he feels better about that.  The snapping has stopped – he is happier and wags his tail more than ever.  We are so HAPPY!!!  As you suggested during the session, we changed up his diet too.  Put him on a raw diet which he absolutely loves (Stella and Cheweys chicken – comes frozen and we just thaw it out).   So we want to thank you, thank you for your time and talent.  Linda and Guido S, CO. 




Caren Vogt horses Rocky and Diamond



I asked Terri to work with both my horses – the boys had injuries that we needed to understand.   Terri was so accurate in what she saw in my boys. She explained to me that Diamond, my pure white horse really thinks he is an angelic, mystical being and that he is not so grounded in his horse body. It made perfect sense to me why he acted the way he does!  She made suggestions on how we could work together and solve his issues.   I was very grateful for her gifts in helping us build an even stronger and more connected relationship with my lovely horses and my dog too. – Caren V





Kate Marlett dog RockyMy family, including doggies decided to take off on an adventure into travel nursing that didn’t go as planned. We soon returned home stressed, frustrated and very disappointed. Rocky ( my 2 yr old Maltese mix) suddenly stopped eating and was losing weight. Terri was able to connect with Rocky and help us understand how our emotional rollercoaster was very traumatic for him and that he had lost all sense of security that he has always had. Long story short, after working with Terri and following her suggestions, Rocky is now eating, putting on weight and back to his usual mischief self! Thanks Terri! – Kate M. 








I was going away on vacation and wanted to reassure my cats, AKA the demon twins 🙂 that they would be taken care of and to make sure they wouldn’t destroy the house while I was gone. Terri was able to help with both issues. I gave the supplements she suggested and helped visualize their cooperative behavior like Terri taught me.  They were both little angels during that time. – Susan W.








Terri has a great gift of Intuitive ability that helps her to move past the emotional and mental roadblocks we create for ourselves. She is able to get straight to the heart of what is going on with us. Her readings are clear, straightforward and equally informative.  The information received is valuable in helping me make changes in my choices.  She has communicated with my cat after an injury that ultimately saved his life.  Terri has also assisted me in managing the end of life issues with several of my pets.  She is a great comfort during those times.  — Aileen J. CMT



Terri taught me how I could communicate with my dog, Summer and it has been such fun. Summer really expresses her feelings and desires since then. I thought we were close before but it was nothing like it is now!   During the session, my dog wanted to know more about her smallest pup.  Terri did not know that my dog had 2 litters and one of the runts was chosen to be raised as a Service dog for the disabled.  Summer wanted news and Terri was able to help me communicate that to her! –  Mary M


Terri Sides is by far the most “clear” clairvoyant/psychic that I have ever consulted.  I have sent many clients from my personal practice to Terri and have only heard wonderful praise from every one of them. She has my highest recommendation.  — Dr. D.

The information that Terri gave me comforted me and challenged me to make better decisions to move forward with the needed changes in my life.  Terri has a very special gift.  Nancy, CO

Diana Woods cat Suki


I just want to thank for the amazing reading!  I have completely smudged the house and my studio.  I bought the Bach Flower Beech essence and have been using it on Tikvah for two days now.  I also took some time to work through some grief with my horse Whispers. He has wanted to talk with me for the last couple days and I’ve been running late at the barn so I spent time with him today. I received some messages from my mother loud and clear and Whispers acknowledged them with licking, chewing and sweeping my heart chakra with his muzzle.  Very healing session!!

 I feel Tikvah is a little less aggressive although she is still up to her shenanigans, which is part of her tiger goddess charm.  I will let you know as time progresses any changes I might notice.  Thanks for all of your help and guidance.  What a gift you have! All the best, – Diana, Dave,Tikvah, Suki, Maddie and the horses.



I had problems with taking my dog out in the woods for hikes – he would run off and disappear.  Even though he eventually came back when called – I wanted help!  Terri did a session with us and taught ME a technique to visualize what I wanted Beau to do instead.  It worked like magic and our hikes are so much better than ever!  Diane, MD


Aurora - Aymee Duran CO

“Terri pinpointed my 16 year old Pomeranian’s (Morgan) medical issues and I was able to have it taken care of immediately which probably extended Morgan’s life span. Had I not known we would have had to put her to sleep. Terri was also instrumental in helping me decide when was the right time for my 18 year old Pomeranian (Aurora) to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I no longer make decisions with my pets without consulting with Terri first.” – Aymee D.




The Therapy dogs give Terri 2 paws up!  Terri is wonderful with both people and animals. She presented a communication workshop with our volunteers and therapy pets.  Everyone loved it and enjoyed giving back to the animals who give so much.  Christine H, Coordinator for Caring Canines at Flagstaff Medical Center.

Roxanna Smock dog Tor 1


What surprised me most was how insightful Terri was into the personality and traits of my dog. Also her compassion & common sense of how & what she communicated to me.  Also, he has a health condition that requires regular visits to the vet. By now he hates the vet, and we needed to explain what was happening and why so that he can be more accepting of it.
During the time we have been working with Terri, I have seen changes in my dog that have been very rewarding. I consider my dog my partner and want to be the best guardian that I can for him, and I know that what we humans do doesn’t always make sense to a dog. I feel better knowing that Terri is helping him understand things better and make his and my world work together better. – Roxanna S.