WELCOME to new possibilities beyond your wildest imagination.  Who DO you think you are?
As a Shamanic Intuitive and Animal Whisperer, I guide women back into their own hearts by connecting them with the lessons their beloved animal companions have to teach. 
Terri Sides, RN

WE are born to create meaningful fulfilling lives!  We are meant to be inspired and express beauty in our relationships with others, but it must start within yourself.  Are you tired of the humdrum, stressed, mundane life you are leading?   Are you sick and tired of going through the motions when you KNOW there is a fire burning inside you?  Have you lost complete touch with that fire?  Are you aware that your beloved animal companions are trying to assist you in living a fuller life?   Did you know you have spiritual allies that are present and waiting to connect with you?

My gifts consist of helping women dive deep within and reconnecting with their passion and purpose in life.  I guide people along the path of daily spiritual connection in order to heal their wounds and their world.

So ask that question again – in a tone of tenderness, curiosity and love – Who DO you think you are?  Then come join me and let’s explore together.

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Why WALKING HEART?  Well, that story is my beloved Corazon’s answer to what I should name my business and website.  Corazon is my gorgeous Tennessee Walking horse and her name means Heart in Spanish.  I thought of many clever and beautiful names that I believed would resonate to people.  BUT they were not available!  Corazon kept telling me it would be named after her.  So, I tried it and voila’, she was right!  Straight from the horses’s mouth 🙂